Welcome Innovators! To the CanInnovate Podcast. The 1st ever podcast focused purely on Canadian innovation!


My name is Sapna Malhotra. Born in Liverpool, the home of the Beatles. I’d like to think that’s where I get my sparkling personality from or maybe not!

I consider myself a Citizen of the World.  I’m always curious to learn.

I’m a small town girl, with a global appetite – travel, world cuisines, new experiences and meeting people with different backgrounds. My happiest days are with my laptop, a cup of java, getting lost in a city, discovering new brunch places, walks/hikes, being an aunt, reading or listening to a podcast, catching up with my friends from around the world and dreaming about my new adventure!

My days in the corporate world and the ventures I took…

I’d been in the corporate world for nearly two decades until I decided to pull the cord and become independent to find my own voice. It’s not easy to find your own voice when you’re not behind the Corporate Veil, but I discovered an amazing way to do that – a way to keep up to date on market and industry trends, be inspired and find new ways to continue to innovate my own business, career and life.

These days, it’s important to stay on top of the latest shifts in the industry to stay relevant in our careers and jobs. The rate of change is only going to get faster, especially as technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and CyberSecurity are creating the foundation to accelerate everything else. There is not a single industry that is not being disrupted, and no single department. This creates a massive opportunity for those who embrace and learn about these new processes.

We only know what we know.

We don’t know what we don’t know.


Imagine the power when we unlock knowing what we don’t know

It could unlock a new vault and unleash curiosity.

Our New Adventures Awaits…

After living abroad for nearly 10 years, I was eager to be part of something innovative. I’ve been in the technology industry for as long as I can remember (Accenture, Rogers, Amdocs).

If you’re really curious to learn more about my professional background, here is the link for my LinkedIn Professional Bio. I love all the opportunities that innovation has to offer.

After all, isn’t Canada known for having some of the brightest minds? So, when my mentor said that there was “No Canadian Innovation,” I knew they were wrong but I also discovered that their perception was right –  many others shared this same sentiment. I realized what the gap was  perception.

The first step to changing perception is to create awareness. I wanted to be inspired, challenged and embrace my curiosity.

That’s why I started the CanInnovate Podcast.

I truly believe that education and awareness are instrumental in overcoming obstacles and perception challenges, both globally and locally in Canada.

So, my thesis is to prove my mentor and any others that have this perception, wrong.  We do have Canadian Innovation Let’s learn from the brains that are continually sought out by the rest of the world. And let’s be inspired!

A big reason why I moved back to Toronto is that ultimately, home is where the heart is. I didn’t want to become a guest in the life of my nieces and nephew. I wanted to be part of their everyday lives.  You’ll hear lots more about how these four little kiddies have transformed how I see things on a daily basis in some of my podcast episodes. They have taught me how to be a kid again! Exploring with curiosity.

Daily, they reminded me:

  • Unleash your curiosity and see where it takes you
  • Embrace your Inner Child
  • Apply five seconds of courage!



Love my little munchkins!  They are the inspiration for me to try new things.

My podcast guests also get together in person every quarter, to network learn from each other, and help each other grow! How amazing is that?!

These Canadian Innovators’ stories bring strategies and stories to life for my clients These masterminds share a wealth of information on the podcast.

These are tactics and tools that we can apply to our everyday businesses,

our own careers and our own lives!

Innovation is an improvement to an existing product, process, thinking or service. The word Innovation comes from the Latin word, Innovatus, which means to ‘renew or change.’

These innovators share insights such as:

>> How they brought their current venture to life;

>> The challenges that they had to overcome to build/scale

>> Lessons learned

>> Sales and marketing tips

>> Productivity tips

>> Recommended tools that inspire them

>> Personal habit best practices

>> And so much more…

The best part of it all, these innovators really provide some ‘ah ha’ moments that enable us as listeners to be able to innovate our own businesses, our careers and even inspire us to innovate our lives.  Totally WIN-WIN-WIN!!!

Joe Mimran from Dragon’s Den even tweeted that he was listening to our podcast!   We even hit the top #34 in Business Marketing podcasts in iTunes! (I nearly fainted when I saw that!)


Five things you might not know about me:

  1. Obsessed with Gordon Ramsay and hope to go to Hell’s Kitchen one day
  2. Macaroons is my favorite guilty pleasure  I buy them and oops… forget to serve them 🙂
  3. Trying to beat an autoimmune condition  not easy when there are no answers
  4. My beverage of choice is H2O
  5. Would love to enter a world Monopoly competition.  Favorite board game!

In podcast episode 09 ‘ What Worked, What Didn’t and What’s Next’. I actually committed to a few goals in 2018.

  1. Re-brand the CanInnovateh Podcast → to CanInnovate (no silent ‘h’). It was confusing people.
  2. Share tools for others so that they can innovate their own businesses, careers and lives.
  3. Create training courses to help people learn how to manage their personal cash flows. I’m applying corporate best practices for cash flow management to help individuals/small-medium sized business manage theirs. How we manage our own personal cash flows is going to be applied to our businesses.
  4. Give Back:  Everyone deserves a second chance to innovate their lives. Get involved in a charity that speaks to my heart.


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