Amanda Chen, founder of Salty Paloma, a line of naturally flavoured salts and sugars handcrafted in Toronto. She noticed a gap when there was a demand of higher quality spirits and mixers, but nothing on garnishes, which is a huge aspect of a balanced cocktail. 


With no background in food or business I created these products in her home kitchen and started making sales within the first month of launching. Amanda since expanded to host cocktail classes and in-house bartending for private parties and special events. In a previous life she was a journalist, turned copywriter, turned digital strategist until she walked away to give 100% of herself to her business, working for under minimum wage as a bartender in the city.




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Episode Overview:


This episode is for those that have an idea and don’t believe that you have the skill sets to make magic happen.  We all have ideas and many times we talk ourselves out of trying it. 

Amanda shares her journey with Salty Paloma. She HAD no background in food & yet has launched a line of natural cocktail rimmers and gave some great marketing tips that makes finding your target audience less scary.

I really hope that you get inspired to start to take action and test out your ideas and concepts.  The last thing anyone wants is to fall in the ‘could've, should've’ cycle of regret. I’m not going to say life is short, but…  you owe it to your future self to be adventurous and embrace those things that you’re curious or intrigued about. You’ll never know where the journey can take you and what opportunities open up.

I hope you get inspired as I definitely did! 


Don't make yourself a target consumer


About Salty Paloma:


They are drink lovers who knew their drinks deserved better than table salt. When they couldn’t find what their thirsty hearts were looking for, they made it. That’s how Salty Paloma came to be. Named after the Paloma – a lesser-known but equally delicious tequila cocktail made with grapefruit soda – their goal was to serve up one of a kind rimmers, to help drink lovers cocktail like they mean it.



Connect with Amanda:



Instagram: @SaltyPaloma

Twitter: and @missamandachen

Facebook: SaltyPaloma

LinkedIn: Amanda Chen





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