Andreas  Souvaliotis who was the founder of the world’s first eco rewards program and more recently the world’s first public wellness rewards initiative in partnership with the government of Canada called carrot rewards, has been recognized globally for his achievements in influencing and rewarding behaviour changes on a mass scale. Andreas is a prominent Canadian leader and an advocate for Canadian & innovative approaches to social change particularly around the areas of public health promotion climate change awareness and citizenship.

Episode Overview:

Carrot Rewards actually gives you rewards based on one your favorite loyalty rewards and whether it is yourfavourite programs like Aeroplan® Miles, SCENE®, Petro-Points™, More Rewards®, and Drop.

We get to challenge ourselves and Carrot Rewards give us tips about different pieces whether you’re counting your steps, your food, whatever it is, it actually helps us with those different things and becomes a bit of a game for us. So it began from kind of like a core health and wellness message around the app.

Carrot Rewards is a new way to try and deliver wellness to Canadians compared to the traditional methods that have been used all over the world. So when you think of how we have tried to convince our fellow citizens not just in Canada but in any country to live a little bit healthier so that everybody saves a lot of money down the road and when they get old.

The app is free but not only is it free, you actually get a whole bunch of your favorite points just for putting it on your phone.

The important thing about Carrot is that it’s actually not aimed at the healthy segment of the population it’s aimed at the whole population. Carrots messaging is appropriate for every single Canadian. The app doesn’t say come to Carrot because you love being healthy or because you love being financially healthy. The app says come to Carrot Rewards because it will give you more points.

For those that are looking for something to kind of help you with your own resolutions or areas that you want a change of 2018 definitely take a look at this and listen to this episode.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What Carrot Rewards is all about and how this app can be a huge part of everyday lives.
  • How the rewards convince people to live a little bit healthier
  • How Carrot Rewards became almost like an aggregator of rewards
  • Understanding core health and wellness
  • How to do things better easier and faster and then get rewarded for it.
  • How to take advantage of our addiction to mobile phones using this app
  • How to be productive, passionate and focused towards your goals
  • Why lunch is an important part of the day.
  • How to transform lunch as an extended part of work.
  • The app can be a helpful source of guidance four your new year’s resolutions.
  • The things that makes us different are actually the things that make us successful.
  • Too often in our quest to fit in and to live normal, we end up quashing those very things that could make us special.

Resources Mentioned:

Overview of the Company:

Carrot Rewards is a free Canadian mobile application that motivates Canadians to adopt healthier behaviors, eat better, be more physically active, and take care of their mental health by rewarding them with their favourite loyalty points. Created in partnership with the federal government, Carrot harnesses Nudge Theory to guide people through the stages of behaviour change, and currently has over 650,000 users in Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador

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