Angela Johnson is the Founder and President of Medical Confidence, a company that help empower individuals to be informed in their health and healthcare decisions.  She has over two decades of executive management and business leadership experience focusing on health and healthcare.

Prior to venturing into healthcare leadership, she helped global fortune 500 companies solve complex IT-related business issues.

In 2008, her sister struggled with a very rare neurological condition, an experience which affected Angela. She was then compelled her to focus on helping individuals receive the best care for their health condition. Since 2009, her company has helped individuals become empowered healthcare consumers, enabling them to access the care they need in a timely manner.

Angela is the author of the Step by Step Guide to Navigating Canada’s Health Care System & Minimizing Your Wait Time.


Episode Overview:


Angela shares with us her story on how she started Medical Confidence, the benefits of her business and the range of services that Medical Confidence offer. She also considered herself as a “three piece person”; a problem solver, very patient as a person and very persistent.

Medical Confidence works with individuals to help them understand their health-related circumstances, access the ideal physician specialist(s), and ultimately become informed and actively engaged in decisions that will lead to the best possible outcome.


Tips shared:


  • We as Canadians are more passive in our nature than our neighbors and we are taught to accept whatever the system gives us we should take and be thankful and grateful for it but she then decide that it was wrong.
  • The only thing to keep us healthy is we are engaged, active and involved as participants in our own healthcare.
  • If we didn't advocate for ourselves then who are going to advocate for us
  • You need to find people to surround yourself that you can rely on to provide you the emotional support, financial support and to be your champion
  • Get your elevator pitch right and let the people capture the value of your services. Once you got it right, go networking like crazy
  • Don’t network like crazy until you get your elevator pitch right
  • Try not to do everything yourself
  • You need to find a team, you need to trust them and need to delegate to them
  • If you try to multi-task you’ll get your stuff half done


Resources Mentioned:


Book Recommendation: Angela’s book Step by Step Guide to Navigating Canada’s Health Care System & Minimizing Your Wait Time and The Broken Brain Documentary Series

Productivity tool: Going to Bootcamp, Academia and The Universe

Hotspots: Georgian Bay (Ontario)

Website: Medical Confedence

LinkedIn: Angela Jhonson on LinkedIn

Twitter: MedConfidence


Company Background:


Medical Confidence provides individuals with access to a level of clinical knowledge and expertise that often is only available through costly private clinics. Engaged patients have more confidence in their treating team of medical practitioners and are more actively involved in their diagnosis, treatment plan and recovery.

Working with Medical Confidence, individuals use the Canadian healthcare system to its full potential.

Medical Confidence espouses the belief that the education of empowered healthcare consumers also benefits employers, insurance providers, associations through reduced benefit costs and minimizing the impact of presenteeism and absenteeism. The Canadian healthcare system also benefits as individuals are better able to navigate the system resulting in increased efficiency.


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