Ben Walters, the CEO & Co-Founders of Feedback App. Ben graduated from McGill University and worked four years primarily in the US in management consulting.



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Ben was doing well from a financial perspective, but he felt like he was missing something. He eventually developed the concept Feedback with his cousin & co-founder, Josh. The Feedback App is helping restaurants minimize billions of dollars in restaurant food waste. Consumers can buy food at off-peak time to help restaurants to minimize the end of day waste.


“It’s a shame that beautiful things go to waste”  – Ben Walters



Episode Overview: 


When you dive into this episode, it’s sure to melt your heart.  Win-Win-Win. Helping restaurants reduce food waste, providing consumers with deals during off-peak restaurant hours and paying it forward! It’s an episode that will warm your heart!

  • How the Feedback App managed to find the right WIN-WIN-WIN business model;
  • Some great start-up tools that we should leverage;
  • How they are on a mission to help reduce billions of dollars of wasted food The Feedback App where everyone wins!


Nominate your favorite restaurant and help them become a hero. You can email Ben at



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