The Difference Between Good and Exceptional

Both of my parents are exceptional cooks. Really and truly, Exceptional! I am often happy to bring over plastic containers for leftovers! That good!   The other day, I went over to my parents and was complimenting my mom on this amazing dish. She regularly makes...

What we can learn from the Hootsuite Layoffs

There is a lot that Canadians can learn about the Hootsuite layoff.  CTV reported that 'Hootsuite laid off approximately 10% of their employees, as they weren't meeting their sales goals and targets". With this whole start-up ecosystem, AI hub and small business...

How to Say NO Elegantly!

I get this question quite a bit… how do you say NO and not burn bridges… simple.. Be honest, scope out clearly and provide options. IMPORTANCE OF SAYING NO One of my mentors told me early in my career that “You can either be good at a few things or fail at...

Celebrating International Women's Day

Female trailblazers that are paving the way! What a celebration! International Women's Day is to celebrate the movement in Women's rights. Check out these amazing ladies that we have had on our podcast. These ladies are not just entrepreneurs, but they are innovating,...

Emotional Email Rollercoaster

We all respond to emails and there are some bloopers that are funny.  This week, I actually received an email from a person, let’s call them Pat. Pat sent out an email with 20 people cced on the email. I responded and asked a clarification question. ...

8 Time Management Hacks

  I got a great question the other day, regarding how I manage my time. They were looking for some best practices. Truth be told, each person manages their time very differently. However, I recognize that we need a starting point of a routine in order to tweak it...

Am I Networking or Dating??

As I've been a busy bee writing this networking book, I decided to engage a random group of individuals from the various groups that I belonged to.  I had interviewed quite a few people to understand their networking stories. I was delighted by the stories of...

Introducing the Brainfood Book Club

2019 is kicking into full swing and I’m constantly reading different business books. All the different innovators that we feature on the CanInnovate podcast are brilliant and they share such amazing books. Which just gets me pumped up and inspired! The challenge with...

iTunes Review:

High energy and helpful

 in iTunes by Wild A. Bandon from USA on July 31, 2018

Saphna really knows how to keep things moving. Good stuff!


Love Sapna and her podcast

 in iTunes by So1222 from Canada on January 10, 2019

Listen, there’s a gap in identifying the innovators in Canada. Love her interviewing style, and how she really gets in-depth with her guests. Keep it up!!


Sapna’s enthusiasm is infectious!!

 in iTunes by Nicole Holland @ from Canada on November 26, 2018

I love how Sapna is so passionate about introducing the world to Canadian innovators, and is one in her own right as well. Her drive to constantly improve this show for her listeners and guests is a level of dedication that few podcast hosts have.