Carmelia Ray is an internationally acclaimed matchmaker for high achieving men and the quality women they’re searching for. She’s also a renowned TV personality from Mom Vs. Matchmaker, The Real Housewives Of Toronto, and A User’s Guide to Cheating Death (Fall 2018).  She's also won the 2018 Best Dating Coach award!

She's THE Chief Dating Advisor!  With decades of experience and a tireless enthusiasm for online dating and matchmaking, Carmelia has established herself as the go-to attraction expert when elite singles are ready to find, attract, and connect with Mr. or Ms. Right.

In her career, she has helped over 7,000 clients and interviewed over 65,000 singles on the issues, challenges, and successes of how to date, mate, and relate.



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Episode Overview:

Carmelia Ray talks about digital dating and how Woo You App – Date App can help connect people who are seeking for a date faster and arrange their date according to their preference.

WooYou allows you to be the master of your own dating experiences. You propose a unique date idea or choose from hundreds of dates in multiple categories from food & drinks, cultural and activity dates.

Woo You Free Dating Application was created as a response to the overwhelming challenges faced by singles dating and trying to find love in the digital age. She also shared her AH-HA moment and drop some awesome tips!

Episode Highlights:

  • Discussing dating digital challenges
  • The date becomes the product, not necessarily the person
  • Driving the dating experience including identifying who pays upfront
  • This dating app takes the awkwardness out of the equation!
  • Most common dating terms and themes – CatFish, GymRat, KittyFishing, Ghosting, Zombing, Haunting etc… (sooo many terms that I have zero clue about!)
  • Senior dating is a growing segment
  • Bringing Courting back into Fashion – ‘WOO YOU'
  • The top dating challenges
  • “The most important career decision that you’ll ever make is the first person that you marry” – Sheryl Sandberg
  • Whatever you're doing… Do it better! Figure out how to constantly improve yourself! Don't get complacent! 

Resources Mentioned:

Book Recommendation:

Productivity tool: Scheduling everything in my calendar! Don't forget the reminders!:)


Website: Carmelia Ray Marketing and Coaching and Woo You App

LinkedIn: Carmelia Ray

Twitter: @CarmeliaRay and @WooYouApp

Instagram: @WooYouApp

About Woo You App:

Woo You is designed to help reinforce and provide the stage for both Attraction & Attachment to happen. Attraction is experienced in response to Dopamine, a powerful love chemical released by the brain when we do the things we love and feel good to us. In addition to Dopamine, a secondary Love Chemical; norepinephrine, is released during attraction. These chemicals make us feel giddy, energetic, and euphoric.

Launched, January 2018, Woo You developed native applications designed for both Apple and Android mobile devices. Woo You is available for free download in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play App Store.

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