Casey Binkley is the Founder & CEO of HaulerAds, a Truck-Side Advertising Marketplace data-fueled by WI-FI / GPS performance analytics. They've launched in Canada and are expanding into the US. Casey previously built a global manufacturing business to $2.5M ARR, and was recently selected as a Canadian Delegate to the 2018 G20 Summit in Buenos Aires.


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In this episode, we feature Casey Binkley of HaulerAds where he drops value bombs and tips on how moving ads provide impact in your company’s market exposure. He also shared their company’s breakthrough with Ryerson University’s summer outdoor advertising campaign.

Casey tipped us with the difference between moving ads and static ads and how these two will impact your business. In addition, moving ads can impact your business by providing uniqueness on the delivery that makes canvasses speaks to your audience.


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  • Do it!
  • Be consistent and persistent with people
  • When you have an idea, it is so important to get it out there and talk to everybody that you possibly can.
  • Do not be afraid to fail.


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About Hauler Ads:


HaulerAds is a Toronto-base out-of-home advertiser and media provider. Its story begins in 2015 when Casey Binkley, founder and president of HaulerAds, noticed something peculiar about the mobile billboard advertising industry – no ads on trucks! His entrepreneurial instincts told him, “a commercial vehicle without creative advertising is an underutilized asset for truckers and advertisers!”. Thus, concluding these facts:

Companies demand more and more outdoor brand exposure, while the supply of traditional billboards continues to shrink (due to city development and municipal restrictions).

There is a need for data analytics on this advertising platform to guide marketers.

Companies recognize that out-of-home advertising is a key ingredient in increasing their brand awareness. Access to traditional billboard advertising and other out-of-home advertising mediums are limited and present a vast number of challengers such as; the inability to track the success or failure of advertising billboard demand and supply. Even more so, HaulerAds is the ONLY mobile billboard advertiser/truck wrap supplier with unique GPS tracking and Impression Analytics Technology. With it, advertisers can track where their ads are being shown, who is seeing them, and the impressions gathered.


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Twitter: @haulerads

Facebook: Hauler Ads

Instagram: @haulerads



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