The Coronavirus has definitely created massive challenges with social and life engagements.   Social distancing can create a lot of fear, loneliness, and anxiety about the unknown. However, we are all in this together.   

Working from home is tough.  I was a little nervous, as I thought I’d get cabin fever.

However, it got me thinking of how I can leverage this downtime to benefit myself.   Once I started writing the list, I got a little happier about the opportunities that are placed in front of me.  I wanted to inspire all those that are looking for a little sparkle. 

Take that much-deserved nap and start to reset some of the foundations of your life! 


Here is a list of my top 20 ideas + 1 bonus idea that I’m definitely venturing into.  

  • Get creative with cooking: Lots of free recipes everywhere, get creative and inspired.  make candy, bake, random items from your cupboard! Have fun and take the time to enjoy cooking and eating! Cook with love, your recipes will be top-notch!
  • Marie Kondo your home &/or closet –  What a perfect time to spring clean and get organized. I’ve been cleaning everything, including organizing my desk, refreshing my wardrobe, donating items. I’m getting ready to shine for when we can become social again!
  • Free online courses – I’ve decided to take some data analytics courses and FREE! What a great time to invest in myself.  Some courses are from the top 8 Ivy League Schools. Yes, we are talking about Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.  We can audit the courses for free. There are some exciting topics! 
  • Taxes – It’s not anyone’s favorite topic, but getting a little time and I was able to pay full attention and I actually read the taxes.  I noticed that I was not taking advantage of some tax credits. Which made me review my budget. I always enjoy learning new tips to maximize my savings. 
  • Virtually visit a museum – Oh Yes! My friend Jessie-Lynn shared a post on Facebook and I was so intrigued. They have lots of big museums from The Vatican: to Westminster Abbey and even The Louvre.  It’s pretty remarkable!


  • Write that book!  Have you been dreaming about writing a book? Self-publishing has become easier than ever.  Just start writing that draft book. My biggest tip is to write without editing. It’s always easier to edit than writing.  You can hire a book editor. I definitely recommend Barbara MacKay! She was the editor of my book.
  • Watch a Broadway play or musical from home! Ohh yes!  There are tonnes of Broadway plays that have become musicals.  Get inspired and sing along!
  • Call or Write some friends that you haven’t had a chance to catch up with. We often forget about the old school ways to contact someone.  When was the last time that you sent someone a letter or card in the mail? What a great time to write a little letter and surprise someone! I found this beautiful article about The Art of Letter Writing!
  • Get those markers and pencil crayons out and COLOUR your world! – There are some free Colouring books
  • Leave the drama to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney + and so on.  We are often so busy, that we forget to be able to sit down and watch TV/Movies and just chill WITHOUT the guilt. 
  • Read a book – I’ve been doing the Brainfood Book Club for over a year and it is honestly one of my favorite activities, as it gives me a chance to connect with friends, learn and get inspired for new ideas. Come join us, it’s free. We have lots of book inspirations that really surprised us. I’ll publish another blog with a list of all the book recommendations. 
  • Create your own digital vision board.  Grab pictures from the internet and copy and paste them into a word document or PowerPoint, save as a PDF and voila!
  • Look for new job opportunities! A perfect time to research for new jobs and opportunities. We all know that it takes time to network and tailor your resume to get noticed!  
  • Virtually Network- it’s easier to virtually network these days.  One needs to do it wisely so that we don’t feel like a salesperson. I’ve got tonnes of tips for this. Here is a Networking Free Cheat Sheet.  In fact, in my book, Connect the Dots: How to Turn Strangers into Meaningful Connections has an entire section dedicated to virtual networking best practices.  
  • Start a podcast!  Have you always wanted to start a podcast? What a great time to start!
  • Learn to Meditate!  You know I’m a massive fan of the MUSE Headband! The best thing that I ever learned!  Calm your mind and speed up your thinking process! It’s amazing the internal words we have in our heads, that holds us back. Time to get rid of that ‘Inner Critic’!  Check out the Podcast Episode 41:Optimize the Crazy In All Of Our Minds by Muse Founder and Inventor, Ariel Garten


  • Start that side hustle! Have you been dreaming of having your own business… no better time to start. Start building that website, business model. I’m a big fan of using the Business Canvas. 
  • Organize those pictures!  I have so many pictures on my phone and I’ve been meaning to organize them and create photo books to capture some great moments.  In fact, I think I may have a few birthday gifts. 
  • Create that bucket list!  Oh yes!! What a perfect time to dream a little dream! What are all your wishes, dreams, hopes?  

  • Get Moving – Being that I’m at home, I’m eating more. So, I need to get moving!  I turned up the volume and danced like no one was watching! In fact, I started doing Yoga & Pilates at home.  YouTube has plenty of video ideas on how to exercise at home. 

Compassion – Give compassion and love to everyone out there.  There are lots of people struggling to figure out how to pay bills. Lend a helping hand – to your neighbor, elderly in your community and others.  I absolutely love this Facebook Group: Messages of Love!

There you have it, twenty ideas to take advantage of this downtime and get ready for the next phase for life after COVID-19.  Remember, whenever there is a challenge, there is a greater opportunity lying ahead!  

Have some other ideas! Drop your inspirational ideas in the comment section.  We are all in this together. Let’s learn and inspire each other. 

Thank you for all your kindness and support. I am truly grateful to each of you!  And even more grateful, if you share this post with your friends!


Best Always,


P.S.  Here is another freebie. How to get unstuck cheat sheet! It will help you identify your skill-sets, unleash your curiosity and know your strengths and weaknesses to help you leverage yourself and your business.

P.P.S.: Working From Home?  Here are some tips for virtual workers! 

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