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COVID-19 is always on our mind, it’s what everyone is talking about.  We look at the COVID-19 for the things that it took away from us, but what has COVID-19 provided us?  Did COVID-19 actually give us a gift? Is this an opportunity?

I sat down with Jessie-Lynn MacDonald. She helps clients break through self-imposed limits, fears, struggles, and challenges and awaken to the beautiful and infinite potential within.  She is brilliant beyond belief! She helps parents, children, individuals, schools & companies, and consults globally.  She’s a well sought out individual.   

The Adult ‘Time-Out’ is a Gift!

We have a lively discussion about COVID-19 and the impact and she sees this time as an opportunity and a gift! We chat about: 

  1. The impact of on our minds, clear blue light versus a snow globe
  2. How stress is a love note to your body
  3. How to identify stress signals
  4. The power of autonomy
  5. She gives a big secret!
  6. Embracing our inner child
  7. How empathy enables us to be more kind & forgiving to ourselves and others
  8. Loneliness versus Boredom
  9. Value of recognizing ‘grumpy goggles’ 
  10. And so much more!

In fact, I admit that I may secretly want to be a gamer!   We are all going through this change curve differently and it really allows us to become that diamond!

I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode. Please stay safe 

Connect with Jessie Lynn:

JessielynnMacdonald.com | Twitter Facebook

Best Always,

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