Daniel Eberhard is the CEO of Koho which offers an alternative to the traditional banking experience. He has built his career as an entrepreneur by finding ways to create scalable mission-driven companies. 


In 2010, he co-founded Kineticor Renewables and facilitated the development of a 20 megawatt wind energy plant up to the point of construction. The company was acquired by Algonquin Power in 2011. 

After the sale, Daniel took the opportunity to backpack through Europe and saw firsthand the differences in the European banking system compared to Canada’s. The experience inspired him to take a deeper look into Canada’s flawed banking system. In 2014, he founded KOHO Financial, Canada’s first challenger bank, looking to help eradicate debt caused by a system fueled by hidden fees and interest rates. With an integrated app and reloadable Visa card, KOHO is building the ultimate savings experience and leading the charge in the fintech space 

Daniel was also named Baystreet Bull’s Top 30 under 30, along with KOHO receiving the NASDAQ award for Best FinTech Company.




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Episode Overview:


Did you know that the average Canadian spends more on banking fees than our monthly NETFLIX subscription? This episode is for all those that want to save more in a FUN WAY. I talked to Daniel the CEO of KOHO.

  • How different is the European Banking System compared to Canada
  • What is KOHO and how it works
  • We talked about ‘WHAT THE FEE
  • Daniel shares about Open Banking framework and what it really means
  • How the rest of the world, outside North America is more CREATIVE/ INNOVATIVE and TRANSPARENT when it comes to banking
  • We also talk about the KOHO office environment, scooters and beer!



About Koho:


KOHO offers an alternative to the traditional banking experience. They don’t make money off of complexity or by hoodwinking their users. They believe the financial system should be open, intuitive, and designed to help you live a better life. To help all Canadians, from Tofino to Fogo island restore financial balance. Money can be way too stressful. The team at Koho want to empower you to see how easy managing your finances can actually be.



Connect with Daniel:


Website: Koho.ca

Facebook: @Koho

Twitter: @GetKoho and @DanEbs

Instagram: @getkoho

LinkedIn: Daniel Eberhard and Koho









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