Dr. Daniel Shapiro is a Canadian entrepreneur and academic. The focus of his work has been deep learning artificial intelligence, including, enterprise consulting (Lemay.ai and Stallion.ai), audit automation (AuditMap.ai), trading algorithms (Investifai), and biological neural networks (Nuraleve). Daniel has over 30 peer reviewed publications and patents.

Episode Overview:


  • What AI is based on his perspective
  • How AI can help in customer segmentation for marketing and sales
  • We talked about how AI can help the consumers with their privacy
  • Do more with less
  • What job sectors will be affected by AI
  • Where will AI go in the following years
  • What is Lemay.Ai and so much more!


About AuditMap:

AuditMap is an idea funded using proceeds from our AI consulting business. Bootstrapping your own idea with your own money forces you to ask tough questions. We serve enterprise clients, and found that humans in these organizations are bad at diving into a large set of internal company documents and pulling together a coherent story about a given topic. With artificial intelligence we identify critical statements through the lens of an organization's “Audit Universe”, and their Enterprise Risk Management Framework. It's like an AI-based search engine, trained using expertise in the internal audit domain. AuditMap handles the tedious matching and classification across time, so that executives can understand upcoming risks in key segments of the business before they turn into financial losses or penalties.


About Lemay.ai:

Lemay is led by two engineers, Mathieu Lemay and Daniel Shapiro, PhD, performing research and development and rapid deployment of solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning (AI/ DL). They have delivered AI/DL products to both private and public sector clients, and have performed research in the AI/DL fields of natural language understanding, automated data segmentation, sentiment analysis, recommendation systems, text/image similarity and more. Currently, their bilingual team holds 5 patents, 8 certifications, 35 publications, and 2 PhDs. Lemay’s team has grown to 10, and continues to grow. They cooperate with their joint venture partner Stallion.ai for projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


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