Dave McKeown helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve excellence by doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. He is the CEO of Outfield Leadership and author of The Self-Evolved Leader – Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down. If that’s not enough, Dave is also the host of the podcast Lead Like You Give a Damn and writes a weekly online leadership column for Inc.


In this episode:

Author Dave McKewon really made me pause, think and then dance. His book – the Self-Evolved Leader is a must read. It's for new leaders AND seasoned leaders – it’s a perfect read and reminder.

You’ll learn how to TACTICALLY move from firefighting mode to empowerment

  • Stop working in the weeds and think more strategically
  • Find more time to focus – give room and time to think
  • Build empowerment deep in your team
  • Free up your head-space to be more creative
  • The Self-Evolved Leader: Elevate your focus and develop your people in a world that refuses to slow down

Honestly, this was a book that I’m going to read every year, to remind me what type of leader I want to be.

About Outfield Leadership:

Outfield Leadership helps leaders deliver excellence by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Our flagship program, The Excellence Equation™ is an immersive, interactive and practical workshop that will help busy managers and leaders rise above the day-to-day urgency to focus on the long term direction of their team and development of their people.

Best advice:

Building a culture of accountability is the holy grail in the leadership world. If we can get our people to go above and beyond their job description to help move the business forward then we'll see results like we've never seen before. Our customers will be happy, our people will be happy and your job as a leader will be much easier. The problem is that you can't teach your people how to hold themselves accountable. You can only provide the environment in which they want to do it.

Connect with Dave:

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The Self-Evloved Leader: Elevate your focus and develop your people in a world that refuses to slow down

A practical guide to help executives and managers of all levels break bad habits, empower their teams, and redefine what leadership looks like for maximum adaptability in the workplace.

Bad habits die hard, even in fast-growth industries. In The Self-Evolved Leader, leadership expert Dave McKeown unpacks the most prevalent myths about running a business in fast-growth industries, carefully debunking the usefulness of longstanding tactics such as stepping in to save the day for your team—every day.

#FutureProof Course

Learn management consulting timeless secrets that will always keep you ahead of the curve.

Connect the Dots:

How to turn strangers into meaningful network relationships.

Cheat sheet:

Optimize the networking benefits with less effort? Less effort, More results and so much more.

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