Based in Toronto, Canada, David is the founder of The Poirier Group – a global company that specializes in helping organizations to implement and integrate significant change successfully. He is a Senior Executive who offers extensive experience in the retail, general merchandise, food distribution, health and life sciences and manufacturing industries, creating and executing operational strategies, business transformation and process improvements that positively impact organizations.

Episode Overview:

This episode is for those that are in service based industry. In order to be successful in a service based industry, you need to provide SERVICE. That’s exactly what The Poirier Group has done to achieve a 100% referral rate.  

This episodes, we talk about how:

  • Impacts of value systems
  • Consulting organizations are changing
  • How consulting provides essential life skills
  • Secrets of the values of success including his 100% Referral Rate
  • And so much more

Impacts of Poirier Group 4 value system :

  • Learning
  • Serving
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Consulting organizations are changing

Technology plays big role not only for Poirier’s client but also for other consulting organizations with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tools that are available today are dramatically changing the ability and time-frame to deliver results.

It is important for organizations like the Poirier to embrace that technology so that they can compete going forward rather than waiting for the technology to go to them and make them redundant overtime.

How consulting provides essential life skills

We are in so many different industries with so many different situations that it helps grow our skills constantly. These skills that we learn in the process are so valuable in life. The Poirier group focuses more on the team performance rather than the personal performance. Pushing personal performance in one organization often leads to competition to one another.

Lessons Learned:

Find a balance on yourself between your work time, family time and recharging time; be rigorous and disciplined around those areas in order to make sure that you are creating the most fulfilling time of your life as you can.

Sales and Marketing Tips:

  • To measure your success, know if you have succeeded your customers expectations
  • Reach for a goal that will make your customer say “You are not like any other consultants”
  • Look for a way for your customers/clients to say “We are glad to be a reference or a referral for you”
  • Keep an ongoing communications on your clients

Book Recommendation: Measure what Matters by John Doerr

About Poirier Group:

The Poirier Group is a natural progression for David, who offers extensive experience in the retail, general merchandise, food distribution, health and life sciences and manufacturing industries. He thrives on creating and executing operational strategies, organizational transformations and process improvements that deliver on all business levels – particularly in complex and ever-changing business environments.

Connect with David:


LinkedIn: David Poirier

Twitter: @thepoiriergroup

Facebook: The Poirier Group


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