Hey Innovators,

Are you finished baking and looking for other ideas to entertain yourself… well… I have the perfect guest.  I get to chat with Julie Shum, who has been a friend for over two decades and she always provides me with the perfect boost of inspiration. I’m so #Grateful for having such a down to earth, inspirational friend


  • Discover how Julie’s injury led to finding a new hobby that she’s completely obsessed about.
  • How to tap into our inner child to discover other avenues ‘ 
  • “I wonder…” The value of not overthinking and just going with the flow
  • Tapping into our creativity through resourcefulness
  • Julie provides ideas from gardening, handwriting, donating hair and so on…

Julie has a wonderful outlook on life and always finds opportunities at every twist and turn… 

Get ready to get inspired! 


Connect with Julie:

 Instagram: @lovemelettering or @creativesassembly


I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode. Please stay safe 

Best Always,

P.S. Add the hashtag #gratefulmindset  and tell us what you’re grateful for. 


P.P.S – FREEBIE ALERT – free downloadable Gratitude Journal pdf!  Another great resource, that may tap into a new hobby or interest.

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