What an amazing 2018!  As 2018 is coming to an end, I wanted to take some time to share my adventures and misadventures this year. It has been a world wind of lessons learned, lots of trail and errors, victories and laughter.

I have learned a lot of lessons this year… but I also had some big victories to share!

The CanInnovate podcast officially turned 1! We celebrated our Pod-iversary! Not sure if that’s even a word. We had over eighty (80) guests, some were podcast guests, some were listeners, some friends, some were my college students.

It was such an amazing evening. Lots of love, laughter, food, drinks and lots of new connections were made. We had a chef on site, that prepared amazing food. I can’t help it.. I’m a foodie and I think people connect more around great food.

It was such a wonderful night.  I’m so honored and lucky to have such amazing support.  The event was made possible with the generous sponsorship of CSG – where Innovating Means Outmaneuvering. I just love their tag line!

Check out the video that was made to share the experience

Another massive surprise was when Planswell named us one of their top 9 Canadian Business Podcasts. Talk about a massive honor. There are some notable greats listed here

There were a few big lessons that I learned this year

One- I had to make some staff changes.  I wish I had done it earlier. In fact, Alain Gorbeau, from Farmlead (Episode 19) had given some great advice, Learning to really have the discipline or be able to realize faster that you’re in one of those situations and pull yourself back when you’re tempted to either hire someone that isn’t exactly right or to make excuses for someone that just isn’t fitting for whatever reason.  

Oh boy… I didn’t do this properly. I didn’t trust my instincts, I kept thinking that I haven’t coached them enough or that I’m not clear enough. I took the blame. Nope, not any more. I need to trust my instinct. I need people that can help drive things forward, with minimal supervision. I have hired experienced people, so I need them to step up to the plate and be the CEO in their own domain.  So, that was a big ‘aha moment for me’

Second lessons learned – I need to stop overplanning things and get faster into execution mode. I need to let go of my wanting it to be perfect. I can’t help it! I love what I do and I want it to be perfect. I’m just passionate at what I do. However, I do recognize that time is a precious commodity and there are places where I can go to get additional support. I’m going to switch into 10% planning mode and 90% into execution mode.

Lastly, The Value of Pivoting. I often forget that I can shift and move and make changes, whenever I want to.  It’s actually quite fun. So, we decided to pivot. It’s the management consultant in me. As these Innovators share their best practices and lessons learned. I also wanted to depend my knowledge and skills in this area by offering masterclasses, where we can gain those tactical skills.  

We’ve had a few of these masterclasses from mindset (Episode 45: Innovation Mindset), negotiations (Ep 57: Art of negotiation), vulnerability (Ep 58: Vulnerability is the new advantage). We have lots more coming. It’s really imperative to stay on top of industry trends, update our skill sets and not wait, for our bosses to guide us. We need to take control of our careers.

So, being that I’ve learned that pivoting is a good thing, i’ve actually only planned for Q1 & Q2 of 2019. That way, I can be open to shifting and conducting lessons learned.  Who knows where the future will take us…

So, what’s in store for the next six (6) months

  1. Publishing my Networking book – it’s nearly done and I can’t wait to share it. It’s inspired by my students at George Brown as this was a topic that they wanted more help in. The idea is that it’s about connecting as individuals for multiple reasons, not just for career development. We all have different reasons, different challenges – so, whether you’re looking for career opportunities, or new friends or new relationships. It’s about connecting with people that share common values.
  1. Conducting free sales webinar & even local workshops- I’ve already got the materials developed from the course I taught and I’m going into execution mode. You can find the link to register for the free webinar in the show notes.
  1. To finalize the volunteer partnership, so that we can start to make an impact on the world. I truly believe that education and awareness is instrumental in overcoming any challenges and obstacles. If children start teaching their uneducated parents, then we have a hope for the future. We need to provide opportunities for those that don’t have that privilege.

I’m pretty excited about 2019 and all the new twists and turns that I’m about to discover. My new year's resolution is to continue to push the boundaries and unleash my curiosity. Every time, I try something new.. A new adventure presents itself.

Thank you for being part of my journey and I really can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in 2019. I really wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season that is filled with lots of love curiosity and laughter!. Get some much needed rest and lots of TLC.  

Talk soon!

Got all the goody photos here so take a look and enjoy!And hopefully next year you will be in here with us! 🙂

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