Both of my parents are exceptional cooks. Really and truly, Exceptional! I am often happy to bring over plastic containers for leftovers! That good!


The other day, I went over to my parents and was complimenting my mom on this amazing dish. She regularly makes this dish, as it’s one of my favourites and it’s always delicious. This time, it was even more spectacular than usual. My dad had made it.


It got me thinking about the difference between good and exceptional. The difference between these 2 dishes, weren’t the ingredients or the approach. It was because my Dad made it for my birthday and did it with love! That’s the difference. 


My mom got so used to making the dish and it’s always delicious. But having someone else making it with passion, love and curiosity, elevated the dish to a new level.


As for my mom, she transitioned the reins of her signature dish to my dad. She is happy that her husband has more reasons to cook for her and she gets to enjoy being cooked for! 🙂 She continues to make new dishes, that she hasn’t tried before. 


Look around in your office and see who is curious to learn and master new skill(s). Let them try and see if they can make a new magical dish. And take the opportunity to elevate your next new challenge.


Let me know your thoughts.



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