Paul Minors is a productivity blogger and virtual consultant. Paul grew his business “on the side” while working full-time and now consults to companies all around the world helping them with tools like Asana, Pipedrive and Zapier. Paul’s website now receives 100,000+ visits per month and his audience of 43,000+ email subscribers love hearing about how to be more productive in business and life.


How to beat procrastination and be productive

I got to chat with Paul Minors, who is based in New Zealand.  He’s quite the inspiration for a variety of reasons. First, he started off his business as a ‘side-hustle’ and then quickly discovered that Productivity is his ‘How’.  As we are all in this COVID-19 situation, we may find ourselves with a little more time and maybe it’s time to shift into trying a new adventure of starting a small business. So here are the topics that we covered on how to beat procrastination, the power of time blocking and so much more.

  • How to beat Procrastination
  • The value of stop starting
  • The magic of time blocking
  • How tasks are good intentions
  • We also somehow end up talking about baking, Lockdown Loaf

I hope you’ll enjoy this episode and more importantly, staying safe.



“You can be more productive if you follow the right habits and if you are disciplined enough to follow the right routines and use your tools and technology correctly.”

“By being disciplined, you’re following better routines, you’re being more productive, and if you’re getting more done, and being more efficient with your time, you’re actually creating more freedom in your life now because you have more free time. Discipline is like a prerequisite for freedom in your life.”

I'm a big fan of this productivity method called time blocking I don't know what it is actually called, but I call it time blocking or block scheduling you have probably come into different terms before but it is basically this practice of taking task and maybe you have a task list or a notebook with it to list of things that you need to do, or maybe it is just in your head whatever it is, you are taking the task that you need to do and you are actually putting them on into your calendar and blocking up time to do that task.”


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Gratitude Journal

FREEBIE ALERT – free downloadable Gratitude Journal pdf!  Another great resource, that may tap into a new hobby or interest.

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