2019 is kicking into full swing and I’m constantly reading different business books. All the different innovators that we feature on the CanInnovate podcast are brilliant and they share such amazing books. Which just gets me pumped up and inspired!

The challenge with reading business books and being independent, is that…. I have NO ONE to talk to about these books. I love sharing ideas, learning from different perspectives. It just provides an avenue to discover more.

So, I thought – why not start a virtual book club. A great way to meet different people across different geographies, build new relationships and discuss some key learning. It will be amazing to hear what concepts resonate with other folks.

Even if there are those that don’t have time to read the books, they can benefit from hearing the insights that we’ve gained. It’s a great way for others to learn more about it. Reading is a great way to improve ourselves. We know that continuous improvement is part of the Innovation game!

It’s a new experiment that could go horribly wrong, but WHY NOT!  It will be fun adventure and learning experience! 🙂 You know me.. I’m all about learning!

Our 1st book is the Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay-Stanier. We had him on the CanInnovate podcast and he was brilliant! Episode 49: How to Get Unstuck

Our March 2019 Book is the Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns, which discusses the surprising truth behind what really drives top performance.  Looks like an amazing read!

Don’t worry, we’ll share the recordings on the CanInnovate podcast, our YouTube channel and of course in the Brainfood Book Club Facebook group. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and other book recommendations! I’m hungry for knowledge! I’m always going to be a lifelong learner!

Come join in on the fun!

Best Always,


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