Janice began her career as a teacher, was a corporate trainer for many years and has now been in business for herself for several years. She found her niche coaching and training business professionals to network at a mastery level and turn their connections into new business. Her passion is working with motivated people who are coachable and want to build their businesses through Relationship Marketing and Networking – offline & online.

Episode Overview:

LinkedIn training is a huge part of Janice’s business – she believes anyone in business or looking for a new position, needs to have a professional LinkedIn profile, and that it is a powerful online platform for attracting new clients or being found by recruiters. It is also a valuable tool for building and strengthening one’s reputation and authority in his or her field.

In this episode:

  • How she got into the LinkedIn world and what fascinates her about it
  • Why people underestimate LinkedIn's power
  • How to connect and build relationships that really matter
  • Your not networking to make friends but to build relationship that will take you somewhere
  • Janice shares how to set-up a proper LinkedIn profile using my LinkedIn as an example
  • Why asking recommendations are important
  • and so much more!

Janice knows how powerful it can be for one’s business to build relationships and show appreciation to prospects and clients alike. It really is all about the follow up! She is affiliated with a company called SendOutCards – and shows her clients how to use this system to show appreciation, stay top of mind with people, and increase their sales. If you are interested in hearing more about LinkedIn, effective relationship-building strategies, appreciation marketing, or receiving solid networking information, Janice welcomes your calls.


Resources Mentioned:

Janice Podcast – Relationships Rule Podcast

Sapna episode on Janice podcast: Connect the Dots: How to Turn Strangers Into Meaningful Network Relationship


Connect with Janice:

JanicePorter.com | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn



#FutureProof Course

Learn management consulting timeless secrets that will always keep you ahead of the curve.

Connect the Dots:

How to turn strangers into meaningful network relationships.

Cheat sheet:

Optimize the networking benefits with less effort? Less effort, More results and so much more.

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