From building planes for Airbus, to creating Augmented Reality products for online shopping, Jason have always worked to make consumer experiences better at scale. He is from South Africa but now live in Toronto. Jason enjoy drone photography, and pick up hockey and classical music concerts.

Episode Overview:

This episode is really special and it is for those that are going in a direction that may not have legs. Your spidey senses maybe telling you that!    

Jason and I chat about the importance of pivoting. Jason is such a down to earth and humble person. He really truly gives back and wants people to learn, as he learns and grows. Jason is a serial entrepreneur and knows how to make magic happen. I think one of his superpowers is the ability to listen and deeply hear what the other person is saying.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The pivot and shift to HeyTaylor
  • The power of designing solutions with the client
  • How to land important meetings, when you don’t have the initial contacts
  • A hidden gem of a resource within the government
  • Where he got the inspiration for the company name…it’s not what you think!
  • And so much more


About Hey Taylor:


Hey Taylor is a company that focuses on strengthening relationships between retail stores and customers online. They create ecommerce merchant products in Augmented Reality for shoppers to try before they buy while they shop online. They help increase sales and reduce returns.

The team at Hey Taylor primarily develop tools for the homegrown Shopify platform and it's merchants and also work with a lot of local Toronto based customers. They use the diversity of the city to get input into how to improve their experience as Canadians are quite thoughtful when it comes to creating respectful and friendly relationships.


Connect with Jason: | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn


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