Jason is an aerospace engineer from South Africa with an amazing heart for strengthening relationship with a personalized touch. He is also the Co-Founder at TelliGram & Program Manager at Legal Innovation Zone focusing on augmented reality.

Jason immigrated in 2015 after selling his last startup Acquahire. Jason has an interesting career from building aircraft's for Airbus and Hamburg to augmented solutions.

His company, TelliGram is an augmented reality startup that was created 5 to 6 months ago where they look for ways to strengthen relationship using augmented reality.


“Upwards and Onwards” – Brad Feld


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Episode Overview:


Augmented reality is the new way to connect and strengthen relationship through marketing or any print media that benefits your business or personal life. TelliGram becomes the bridge in helping you connect in these aspects.

Jason Muloongo AH-HA moment comes when he was looking at a product that he think is cool but is not speaking to him. He then received a Skype video call with his friend that is imposed with the product and the thought that it was what AR (augmented reality)  needs to do.

They then started talking to people on what AR can do and people just started to get involved to help them get their business off the ground.


Tips Shared:

  • Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality
  • The sky's the limit
  • Failing forward is not actually painful
  • Stop holding back and tell it – tell the story/message
  • Augmented reality keeps you on your own reality that you are being able to enjoy it
  • There are million of things that you can make in AR to make your reality enjoyable
  • Don’t be afraid to tell people what you are doing to make them collaborate with you
  • Talk to people who knows more than you do or people who don’t know more than you do
  • We are the generation who loves to be spoiled with options
  • Know your company’s story and be flexible in tailoring it to whatever audience it speaks to
  • Go to networking events
  • The Rising DMZ – University-based incubator


Resources Mentioned:


Book Recommendation:

Productivity tool:

  • Asana
  • Early morning routine


Bloomer’s in Toronto – Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant

Krazy Roll – Japanese Restaurant in Humber Bay

Website: TelliGram

LinkedIn: Jason Muloongo

Instagram: @telligramco


About TelliGram:


TelliGram is for personalized, warm expressions of gratitude. They enhance the gift giving experience with AR Experiences. TelliGram (pronounced “Telly Gram”) is an online store based in Toronto, Ontario, that specializes in Augmented Reality (AR) Technology to help you accomplish one thing.

You shop a gift, upload a personalized video message to a friend, family or loved one, then they wrap it in special packaging and ship it, making sure to really impress. They can also create 3D cinematic scenes around the unboxing/unwrapping of gifts.

They are helping people like you be more expressive with your personal touch.

  1. open our app,
  2. point your camera to the gift/greeting card.  

This simple AR technology allows you as the gift buyer to express yourself in the best way possible to a loved one when you buy them a gift.


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