Jeff Wiener is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and now a best selling author. He has just published the The Kick Ass Entrepreneur Guide to Investing that hit #1 in Amazon business book and he is now helping entrepreneurs reach their potential and helping them to create wealth with other entrepreneurs sharing his 30+ years of experience.

“I want to help entrepreneurs but I wasn't really sure what capacity that I want to help them”


How do you market your book?


The idea concept behind it is, you have to take a section of your big book and use that as a reader magnet and market the small section of your book. Capture as many emails as you can and build a base, do podcast, do interviews and build a brand and platform for yourself and and once you got that, you are in a big position to market your big book.

When you are dealing with entrepreneurs you got to think of it differently. The cash that they have to invest, you have to put consideration the different things that you would in your traditional investor who does not own a business




The concept behind Jeff’s 3-Bucket Investments

You need to consider the value of your business as part of your overall equity.


  • Real-Estate – This bucket-list refers to a multi-unit resident that you can consider as an investment property where you are generating cash flow.
  • Cash – When the market tanks, you want to take advantage of buying real-estate, buying a competitor or doing other things with your cash investing and expanding with your business.
  • Equity – Maintain your allocation; a third from each bucket investment.


“You know when to hold them, to fold them and stay alert for the best deals at the lowest price”


Lessons Learned:

  • You can’t just rely with any one vendor
  • In whatever industry you are in, you can’t solely rely on one product
  • Getting constant feedback from people is what makes you better in your life
  • If you want to help your clients then you need to start thinking like an entrepreneur


Marketing Tips:

  • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  • You got to get your name out there in the world of social media
  • You need to build the right channels and marketing automation tools to help expand the business
  • You need to study what’s working and what’s not and constantly understand the return on investment from every dollar spent both in time and dollars invested in marketing.

Sales Tips:

  • Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross
  • It’s not how many phone calls you make, it's how you get in touch with the prospects strategically


About The Kickass Entrepreneur

The Kickass entrepreneur is a simple step-by-step approach to help you achieve three BIG AUDACIOUS goals, and help you develop a kickass mindset. Download Jeff’s FREE E-book The Kissass Entrepreneur: Guide to Investing


Connect with Jeff:

Website: The Kickass Entrepreneur

LinkedIn: Jeff Wiener

Facebook: The Kissass Entrepreneur


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