Jessica Rawlley is the Co-Founder of MaaS Pros and TIEIT, leading edge technology companies that were able to expand at a global scale with clients across the globe and in various industries, including government organizations.


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She began to specialize in advising small businesses with their legal troubles, contracts and incorporations. Through this specialization, Jessica realized that she had a true passion for helping other small business owners like herself.

“The magic in Jessica's training is how she takes the most complicated topics and simplifies it, so even those without a technical background can understand it.”

Episode Overview:

Imagine one stop-shop for all your business needs. Invoicing/ CRM/ Marketing/ Social Media/ Webforms/ Landing Pages are so much more. Jessica shares valuable insights, tips and their best practices.

In this episode, we chat about how to:

  • TIEIT  is the complete supporting ecosystem for businesses
  • Inspired from headaches that they faced and other businesses face
  • Validate your ideas by networking
  • Leveraging AI as the foundation to the system
  • The importance of networking
  • One stop shop

It always seems impossible until it is done

Nelson Mendela

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About TIEIT:

TIEIT is changing the way businesses operate and becomes the backbone of an organization helping teams improve efficiency, collaboration and captures all important data. TIEIT is made up of all essential modules that any business needs from sales, marketing, billing, scheduling and more, all under one, powerful and easy to use application. TIEIT recently won Innovation of the Year and Jessica received Entrepreneur of the Year by the Newmarket Chamber.

Jessica’s creativity and strategic approach to building partnerships have been crucial in creating and fostering successful business relationships to scale the company at a rapid rate. Jessica is deeply passionate about building a company that drives value to its clients.

Connect with Jessica:


Facebook: TieiT Facebook

LinkedIn: Jessica Rawlley on LinkedIn

Twitter: @JRawlley


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