Lauren Waldman truly taps into the science, and fun of learning while maintaining a sharp approach with an intense dedication to the success of others.  Her current focus in the studies of neuroscience and how the brain learns, has played an eminent role in helping individuals and corporations navigate through the creation of what she calls “Learning Legacies.” These studies have also given rise to strategies relevant to the confusions and challenges, of the current cross-generational workforce.

Learning Pirate – Where the science of learning and the whimsical meet!

Lauren Waldman is a CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional), has certification in the Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Harvard), is currently working on a certificate in Medical Neuroscience (Duke), is a Designated Communication Coach and Trainer, and is an advisory board member of the NCCA (National Communication Coaching Association of Canada).

Episode Overview

The pirates followed Lauren throughout her entire life that’s the story of how the company and learning pirate happened.

Lauren had been working for so many different magical people and it wasn't until three years ago that she was in a conference for training professionals. She was introduced to the neurosciences through a keynote and she used her pirating skills to commandeer the keynote speaker as her mentor.

Her eyes were opened to the value and the understanding of how learning professionals should be using the science of neuroscience and how the brain learns to create better designs and obviously create better learning experiences for clients and learners.  The benefits that we get to it as just humans from brain health alone is quite amazing.

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • Best advice is always focused on the things that you can really do well and reach out to others. For those that are because it’s more valuable for your time.
  • There are scientific facts and fundamental truths to how the brain learns.
  • Technology has literally changed the way of the brain and it’s not necessarily for the better
  • There are physiological effects that are changing the composition of the brain because of technology it’s something that we need to take seriously and learn how to slow down
  • Sometimes you need to speed up to slow down and, in this case, slow down to speed up
  • Meditation
  • Educators are the part of the only profession that changes brains every day
  • Your small stuff is someone else’s big stuff.
  • Learning Metacognition – thinking about what you are thinking about

Resources mentioned

Book: How the Brain Learns by David A. Sousa

Course: Dr. Barbara Oakley – Learning how to learn

Twitter:   @learningpirate

Events: Horse Shoe Tavern


Company Overview:

Learning Pirate provides strategic, forward-thinking learning solutions based on the fundamentals of neuroscience and how the brain learns. It helps navigate the creation of learning legacies within new and growing companies. It expands/grows employees personal and professional minds/cognitive abilities through methodically planned learning experiences. It taps into individual’s curiosity seeking minds and helps create the map for their learning journeys.

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