Marc Lafleur, the CEO of TruLocal. Marc is a University of Waterloo graduate looking to explore how different technologies and innovations can be applied to help build businesses throughout different industries.



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Episode Overview:


Marc & I chat about meat industry. I also discover on the podcast, that he’s a serial entrepreneur and he openly chats about lessons learned. We also chat about numerous topics:

  • How TruLocal is evolving the meat industry
  • The importance of identifying the right niche
  • How to optimize your sales & marketing funnels
  • Tales and lessons from his past ventures
  • And much much more….

Marc is a wealth of knowledge and really shares some amazing insights.



Recommended Resources:

Book Recommendation:

Favorite Canadian Hot Spot: Real Sports Bar



About TruLocal:

TruLocal is an Ontario based company that redefining the online meat industry with delivering organic (Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free) and locally sourced meat right to your door step! They offer a range of different meat products.



Connect with Marc:


Instagram: @TruLocal





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