Innovation Mindset, Masterclass with Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten is a neuroscientist, innovator, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of InteraXon. Her company makes Muse: the brain sensing headband that helps you meditate. She speaks about happiness, meditation, understanding the brain, mental health and giving her audiences the tools they need to help them become their better selves.

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Learning Outcomes

Understanding innovation blocks for individuals:

Normally there are two kinds of mental blocks — thinking and feeling. When someone thinks about ways to overcome a block, they tend to think about moving past a thinking block – but feeling blocks can be overcome as well.

One of the best ways to overcome either a thinking block or a feeling block is motivation. We can do so by being engaged, being passionate, or by doing something we want to do.


  • MAKE THE IDEA BIGGER! If you have an idea and you want that idea to come true, make your idea really really big. Make it so big that it forces you to overcome any fear you have about it. It won't matter if it is a little uncomfortable to pursue because it is something that you really want to do in your life.
  • You need to feel the ‘WHY’ behind your idea.
  • Make the idea real for you – make the idea soooo big that you’re compelled to do it.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your idea – no one is going to steal your idea. Most people don’t take action.
  • By talking about the idea, you will create a temperature check that will help you validate your idea. This may also help you connect with others who may feel inspired to help you with your idea.
  • Don’t get caught in info intake paralysis.
  • Reach out to people beyond your pay grade.
  • People genuinely want to help and support others, don't be afraid to ask.
  • If you have an idea that is going to make the world a better place then you are much more likely to succeed.
  • Focus on ideas that add value to the world and add value for particular customer groups.
  • A lot can happen if you put yourself out there – Ariel shares her trip to Silicon Valley in the episode as an example.
  • You just need 5 seconds of courage to take the first step to open up so many other doors. You will get this 5 seconds of courage through meditation.
  • Your ability to tolerate discomfort will help you succeed in life.
  • Your feelings give you fake information.

Ariel talks about Meditation:

During our podcast episode, Ariel talks about the importance of meditation and how it can help balance out our thoughts to focus and achieve a bigger purpose. Here, you will learn:

  • Meditation – how to focus on your breathing.
  • Meditation helps you manage your wandering mind, which is often negative.
  • Meditation allows you to have a clear mind, which is like a clean room.
  • When you meditate, you strengthen your attention and learn how to manage distraction.
  • Meditation TIPS (on how to get yourself back from wandering mode or a set-back):
    • Setbacks are completely normal and we have those all the time.
    • Being an entrepreneur and being able to deal with a no or a setback is critical and the best way to deal with it is just to let it blow right past you and not engage with it.

Manage being scared during presentations:

In this section of the episode, Ariel shared a story explaining why she loves presenting her product or content on stage. In this section we will learn:

  • Why Ariel is passionate about her content and loves to deliver it
  • How to focus on the content and the values of what you are presenting
  • Don't pump up the fear because it actually doesn't mean anything
  • Know your content and practice it. The more you practice your content beforehand, the easier it is for you to share during your presentation.
  • If you are feeling nervous, transform that nervousness into excitement because the sensation of being nervous and excited are actually really similar to one another.

6 Steps on How to Kill your Inner Critic Exercise:

Your inner critic is the voice that little voice inside of you that constantly tells you bad things about yourself. Ariel help us go through a little exercise to help us learn how to overcome our little critic.

“Kill the jerk in your head”

Step 1: Think about something that your inner critic told you recently.
Step 2: Follow Ariel’s guide (audio) and imagine what your inner critic says.
Step 3: Imagine what your inner critic looks like.
Step 4: Tell that inner critic the same thing that you would have told that stranger dissing your best friend.
Step 5: Talk to your inner critic.
Step 6: Use your fingers and imagine that you are shrinking your inner critic and flick it away.

Our inner critic empowers us if we use it for motivation.

The Power of Meditation that Counters Procrastination



The thing about procrastination is that most people don’t realize that they are doing it. Meditation will teach you how to identify and distinctively avoid procrastination. We procrastinate because we have a feeling block, because we think we need to do something that is really hard and it feels uncomfortable.

  • Recognize that you are procrastinating and then make the choice to return back to reality.
  • Stay focused and stay engaged.

Here are my takeaways:

  • If you have an idea, make it BIGGER!
  • Do one small thing everyday to help you validate your idea and help push the idea forward.
  • Practice meditation
  • Setbacks are good. It is just data that tells us whether to pivot or not or to try something new.
  • Know your content
  • Kill the jerk in your head and flick it away
  • Just do it!

Feel free to use the worksheet that I created for you. It will help you identify which skills you need to accomplish your dreams by setting a mindset that focuses on your skills, strengths, the threats in your life and business and much more. Click here to download the worksheet.

If you want to learn more about Ariel Garten and the Muse headband, listen to our podcast interview here


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