Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Michelle has worked in the hospitality industry for most of her life. After her partner Luis Martins and Michelle sold our last business a year ago, they decided that their next business would focus on values true to our core, and Unboxed Market was born!


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Episode Overview:

I chat with Michelle Genttner, one of the co-founders of the Unboxed Market here in Toronto and she totally surprises me of how much waste is happening. ONLY 10% of recycled materials are actually recycled! And here I thought I was a tree hugger. There are a lot of improvements that we need to make.

About Unboxed Market:

Unboxed Market is one of an emerging group of zero-waste/low-waste/environmentally-conscious stores in Canada. The first brick-and-mortar version in Toronto. With the ever-increasing awareness about single-use plastics and excess packaging in general, these stores are creating a space where consumers can purchase exactly what they need, while avoiding the packaging that they (and the world!) do not.

Connect with Michelle:


LinkedIn: Michelle Genttner

Instagram: @unboxedmarket

Facebook: Unboxed Market

Twitter: @UnboxedMarketTO


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