Nicole Holland is named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017”, interviewed on over 100 trending podcasts, and featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Nicole provides elite level done-for-you Podcast Publicity services and consults on strategic visibility to help innovative thought leaders, disruptors, and change makers increase their brand recognition, credibility, and profitability.



Episode Overview:


Here are some key learnings from this episode, Nicole and I chat about:

  • The importance of personal brand
  • People want to connect and understand people behind the brand
  • The importance of connecting with those that have the same values as you
  • How being original can really elevate your personal brand
  • Where transparency fits into things
  • How Seth Godin describes that podcasting is the new blog
  • How podcast guesting can elevate your brand & connect with audiences
  • Serve first and provide value


The importance of personal brand

“It’s important to build your personal brand so that people know you.”

Nowadays, social media has put such an importance on knowing people, knowing about the people and figuring out who your dealing with rather than the brand and who is behind the brand and what they stand for.

The thing that got most people stuck is that the idea of how they want to be and it is in-congruent of how they want to be. Nicole drops tips for  whoever wants to get out of there and get their brand out


Tips about personal branding:

  • Present yourself well, be authentic and be willing to let your guard down
  • Make sure that your true self and forward facing self are in alignment before you go out there and present yourself.


Tips on how to elevate yourself more than the crowd:

  • You can get more of what you want if you can show more of what, who and how  you are.
  • People connect with people that are similar
  • Allow yourself to be who you are without trying to play anything down


How Seth Godin describes that podcasting is the new blog

According to Nicole, podcasting is reaching the point where it is mainstream. This is because of today’s technology which allows us to download and listen to any content that we like anywhere. Podcasting is also very exciting.

Seth Godin’s Blog: Podcasting is the new blogging



How podcast guesting can elevate your brand & connect with audiences

Podcast guesting is also getting a lot of buzz because it is “easy”. Guests doesn’t have to prepare much when it comes to being a guest on a podcast, they could just be at their home without wearing makeup on or dressing to impress. To become a podcast guests and being out there everywhere, WITHOUT a clear plan of action and a clear understanding of who you are speaking to will waste so much of your time.



Tips before applying to be a podcast guest:

  • Have a clear plan of action of who do you need to reach, what shows that they are listening to that have interviews and why do you want to be on that particular show.
  • How can you give value first to the host before asking for a spot on their show.
  • When you give time to give value first, you will find that people want to give you something back in return.
  • You should never reach out to a podcast host without even listening to their show. In that way, you will know if you are a right fit for you.
  • The host is the listeners trust and they are listeners.



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