Sam Kawtharani spent Over 10 years in product development, strategy, and marketplace lending. Previous Head of Product at IOU Financial (Startup to IPO, TSX:IOU). Contributed to $500+ million in small business origination. Current advisor at Lend Mart and Fundica. Member of the Product Beta Committee at Founders Beta. Holds a master’s degree in Quality Systems Engineering from Concordia University.

Derek Manuge was formally educated as a mathematician but have an active interest in a broad number of subjects, namely finance, statistics (machine learning), programming, physics, software engineering, automation, IoT, the blockchain, and other innovative technologies. He works as a quantitative consultant, where his focus is providing model development, model validation, and quantitative advisory services for financial institutions.

True growth begins when interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned!

Episode Overview:

Sam Kawtharani and Derek Manuge build Corl with the strong sense of making it easy for companies to access fast, fairly priced, and entrepreneur-friendly growth capital while providing investors with greater peace of mind. They have launched the idea as a Hassle-free and without giving up equity. By merging a previously under-utilized and innovative investment structure with the strength of blockchain, they are proud to provide founder friendly growth capital to help entrepreneurs and investors reach their strategic and financial objectives.

Sam and Derek’s contrasting backgrounds molds a fluid partnership that allows them to incorporate their expertise better than most partners we have ever seen. They work so well, and they embraced their differences with the respect that only they both possessed. It’s awesome and magnetic. Their energy and enthusiasm further prove to us why Corl is what it is today.

Enjoy listening and be amazed at how these two worked wonders on Crowdfunding by tapping into the world of the blockchain.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • There is a lot of things going on in Canada, go out there and network
  • Pivot is what’s going to push your product forward.
  • How a government can potentially tax at source using the blockchain technology.
  • There is a worldwide business model for credit and banking that we take for granted.
  • How to make the most out of the blockchain model.
  • Highlighting Steve Jobs’ Philosophy – Build it, they’ll come.
  • Understand the gap in the market.
  • How work-life balance and meditation can help you focus.
  • People are criticizing your product, or your idea doesn’t mean they’re few or your product is bad.

Resources Mentioned:

Productivity tool: Slack

Influences: Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs

Programs: Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

Book: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by by Scott Adams

Hotspots: City of Montreal

Hotspots: City of Toronto


Twitter: @getcorl


Company Overview:

Corl’s philosophy is simple, entrepreneurs should have access to the capital they need to successfully grow their businesses at their own pace. We like to consider ourselves as your long-term partner. We establish a relationship with your business. That’s why we call it Capital-as-a-Service; making capital available to companies as and when they need it. At Corl we know that when the interests of entrepreneurs and investors are aligned, that’s when true growth begins.

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