Scott Ste Marie is the Founder of Depression to Expression and has been speaking openly about his experience with clinical depression and an anxiety disorder since 2013. More importantly, he shares how he manages these illnesses successfully.


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Episode Overview:

I had a great time chatting with Scott this week. Tune in and learn how you can lessen depression, the benefits of opening up and much more.

Scott and I sit down and chat about some topics that aren’t easy to talk about – we talk about everything from depression to social anxiety to how he’s making this topic something easy for people to understand.  You should check out his Depression to Expression YouTube videos – they are COLORFUL!!!

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Scott first experienced depression and extreme anxiety while in his first year at University. During recovery, he found himself learning about mental health and taking charge of his own well-being. Upon graduation, his motivation for personal development has never been stronger. Scott’s passion lies in mental health where he hosts a YouTube Channel Depression to Expression and helps those who suffer from mood disorders.

His approach is to not only encourage people to alter their mind state by cognitive exercises but also to involve the body. In Scott’s experience, he says depression has been a blessing in disguise because he now takes nothing for granted and recognizes what is truly important in life.

Scott has been sharing his story of depression and anxiety for over 5 years and teaching others to feel confident in their self-expression. His mission is to empower people by helping them realize that depression and anxiety are not weaknesses but an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Scott’s message has reached over 10 million people through online media which supports the fact that the need for mental health education is needed. Scott is dedicated to Depression to Expression and lives his passion everyday single day.

About Depression to Expression:

Depression to Expression started as an online mental health support community and is now serving over 150,000 members, reaching over 10 million people around the world. Offline, Scott provides workshops and presentations to schools and businesses in Toronto, creating an honest dialogue about mental health.

Depression to Expression recognizes all those who are affected by mental illness. They provide a refreshing perspective on what mental health means and offer strategies, coping tools and education to individuals, schools, and corporations.


Create an honest dialogue about mental health by educating and inspiring people to express themselves freely with confidence.

Recommended Resources:

  • Watch Scott's YouTube videos
  • Meditation
  • Being mindful about yourself and your body
  • Writing a journal

Connect with Scott:


YouTube Channel: Depression to Expression

Instagram: @depressiontoexpression

Facebook: Depression to Expression

Twitter: @expressionscott

LinkedIn: Scott Ste Marie


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