Having experienced dynamic challenges and barriers throughout her personal life and career, while falling in love with tea somewhere along the way, Sheena decided to combine passion and purpose through entrepreneurship. After becoming a certified Tea Sommelier, through the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada, Sheena decided to combine passion and purpose through entrepreneurship.

Tease Tea was born as an outlet to self empower through tea while also supporting women around the world. A portion of proceeds from every order supports organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women through Tease Tea's Charity Program.

In 5 short years, Sheena has built Tease Tea as solopreneur side hustle out of her condo to a million dollar business empowering tea lovers in 30+ countries.

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Episode Overview:

This is another guest recommendation from Adrian Salamunovic the co-author of the Free PR book. Innovators tend to hang out with other innovators that are changing and challenging the norm. You're going to love our guest, Sheena Brady.

This episode is a game changer! I get to chat with Sheena Brady who is the CEO & founder of Tease Teas. We talk about:

  • Did you know that Tea Sommelier is a thing? A real thing? Crazy eh?
  • Tease Teas unique business model
  • Her entrepreneurial challenges & how she is always giving back
  • Tease Tea Founders Fund – $20K GRANT that you don’t need to pay back. That was inspired by the painful challenges that she had to growing her business
  • From cash flow challenges, which many many innovators have talked about
  • Lack of support from banks to help navigate entrepreneurs to understanding & interpreting their balance sheet metrics
  • AND.. of course, I had to find out what her favourite tea is.
  • Tea Sommelier, through the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada

About Tease Tea Founders Fund:

No payback, no equity — just access up to $20,000 worth of funding to grow your venture. The fund has been invested in by other budding entrepreneurs who are looking to pay it forward to the next generation of social entrepreneurs. The fund is brought to you by Tease Tea which aims to self empower through your tea desires, all while empowering women around the world.

Application Process:

  • 8 questions + video submission.
  • Selection committee scores applications.
  • Top 10 announced- 2 recipients will receive the available funding.
  • All applicants will have access to the digital mentorship. During the incubator period.

Registration and Cut off:

  • April 9th 2019 Applications Open
  • May 3rd Applications Close
  • May 22nd Winners Announced
  • Up to $20 000 in available funding

About Tease:

Tease Team believe you can self empowered by choosing the right tea to compliment your goals and desires while empowering women around the world. They take pride in working with tea packers who source from the top 10% grade of tea gardens from around the globe that are sustainably managed. With so many great tea companies that focus on traditional or classic teas and tea blends, their approach is modern, and about your goals & desires while supporting other women around the world.

What is a tease? To them, being a tease means confidently leaving your mark. To inspire and empower yourself and those around you, leaving them wanting more.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Sheena

Website: TeaseTea.com and TeaseTeaFoundersFund.com

LinkedIn: Sheena Brady

Twitter: @Sheena_Brady and @Tease_Tea

Instagram: @Tease_Tea

Facebook: Tease Tea


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