Steven Looi is a serial entrepreneur with experience in IT, urban agriculture, and retail. A flexible and adaptable operator with extensive industry network and product expertise. He has a track record of deploying his creativity and innovation in disruptive industries. Steven has created new companies in both Canada and China, ranging from a video game, art outsourcing, to soil-less food production, to pharmacy patient management systems. He has worked security for a hip-hop group, The Roots, received a Parliamentary Award for his urban farm, and is a Provincial shot-put champion. Outside the office, Steven’s interests include technology, web culture, sustainable agriculture, personal growth, and development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Manitoba, and an MBA from Schulich School of Business.


Episode Overview:

As North America continues to expand into additional legal medical and adult-use cannabis jurisdictions, there is a huge gap between growing demand and limited supply, estimated in the billions of dollars. This opportunity is very bright for Canada as a Global Leader in Growing Cannabis.

In this episode, Steven Looi sheds light on what is going on in Canada’s Cannabis Industry and its importance in the global market. He shares the coming legislation processes and the excitement of having pot delivered right in front of your doorstep. It’s a crazy idea but with the government’s support and the right companies, we are heading in that direction.

Cannabis has a lot of applications and uses. It can help with anxiety, mental health, PTSD & Brain Conditions, Pain Management & relief, cancer and diseases, and many more. There are lots of innovations, software applications, and services as well as a booming economic sector that comes along with it. Companies are tapping into the potential of Cannabis and Canada is a world leader in terms of distribution and other technological breakthroughs.


What you will learn in the episode:

  • Opportunities for Cannabis after legislation in Canada
  • How the current regulation works in Canada regarding recreational pot
  • The difference between the regulation of Pot in Canada and in the US.
  • What innovations are made with pot now that pharmaceuticals are involved
  • How the black market plays a key role in working out the right market structure
  • How to eliminate the black market’s role in the industry
  • How government plays a huge role in distribution and legislation
  • How Canada plays an important role in the global market
  • What “Cottaging” in Canada means
  • What programs are being offered by the government of Canada to help startups
  • Showing Determination and tenacity – It’s the guy that’s still standing wins
  • Guarding against burn out and making sure you have balance because it’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • Talking to everybody when you can and learning as much as you can.
  • Taking advantage of the free software that’s out there.




Company Overview:

White Sheep is operating both medical and adult-use cannabis companies in multiple jurisdictions and investing in a wide range of industry leaders that support the cultivation, processing, and consumption of the highest quality cannabis products.

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