Wayne Ingram is the Country Managing Director for Slalom Consulting in Canada (www.slalom.com). He is also a member of Slalom’s 10 person Global Executive Board to drive an ambitious growth agenda for this 3600+ person team. He is initially tasked with building a Canadian team, starting with the Toronto practice.Prior to taking the reins to launch Slalom in Canada, Wayne held several Canadian, North American, and Global Managing Director roles at Accenture. Wayne has close to 30 years of experience in technology consulting, and large scale systems transformation, including those in the Ontario healthcare sector. He brings exceptional depth in stakeholder engagement, program management for complex IT initiatives. Wayne is a definite proud Canadian. We can learn a lot from Wayne, as he definitely knows what’s going on in the landscape.

In this episode, Wayne Ingram shares some thoughts and insights of what to expect in 2018.  How the world is shifting and how we see our competition becomes  global and we will be seeing Oligopoly at a global level.  He even shares how the consulting industry is also being disrupted.

Find out on this episode – Ep12: 2018…Can we expect the unexpected?

What you’ll learn in this episode is:

  • What to expect in 2018 – industry trends, skills and the global ecosystem
  • Understanding that we are on a global scale and we do not know who we are competing against as technology becomes more and more border-less.
  • There is more beyond us than behind us as we move forward and innovate leadership for others to follow.
  • Advice and tips for those entrepreneurs, innovators and management consultants to just follow your dreams. Find something you love and it will never be work. If you got it go for it.
  • Dissecting how competition works in different aspects.
  • Difference between big innovators (Big I) & the little innovator (Little I)
  • How the management consulting landscape is changing
  • How diversity & design thinking tie together
  • The importance of sharpening the saw
  • We are competing against our competition but the scary part is that the world is shifting. We will see Oligopoly at a global level.
  • For those aspiring consultants, you have to be a learner versus a knower because consulting is not for everybody and you have to bring your expertise everyday.
  • Telling those proud Canadians who are in other countries to come back and come home.

Resources Mentioned:

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