There is a lot that Canadians can learn about the Hootsuite layoff.  CTV reported that ‘Hootsuite laid off approximately 10% of their employees, as they weren't meeting their sales goals and targets”.

With this whole start-up ecosystem, AI hub and small business push. Are we really supporting our own Canadian ecosystem?  Many of us are starting up companies and need a social media tool, like Hootsuite. Did we give them the business to support a Canadian business or did we all shop around and go to the competitor?  Canadian businesses may start to support other Canadian businesses, if we knew what they were.

All of our go-to markets is the USA. After all, isn’t 1% of 330 million is better than 1% of 38 million. I advise my clients to do the same thing.  However, if we thought about all the support tools and vehicles that we need in order to run our business. Would the extra $10 a month be worth it, if we knew that we were supporting our backyard?  Supporting our own economy, jobs and people? This is why it’s really important to have brands & create Canadian awareness of the different Canadian brands.

Prior to starting the CanInnovate Podcast , I surveyed over 200 people. Different demographics/ages/city or urban. I asked what are some of the most Innovative Canadian companies. Only about 45 people could answer that.  23% of Canadians were aware of Canadian brands. Ummm… what about Shopify, Hootsuite, Slack? However, all 200 people could tell me the Canadian failures! Nortel, Research in Motion and the list goes on.

If Canadians are unaware of our big brands that are being grown and brewed out here, then how can we support our Canadian businesses?  MUSE/Planswell/Mindbridge AI/ Inkbox/ WorkTango and many many more. I truly believe that education and awareness is instrumental in overcoming obstacles both locally and globally.  

Hence the birth of the CanInnovate Podcast in 2017.  To help create more awareness & a platform for our Canadian innovators and thought leaders.  It’s important and imperative that we start to support our own economy. We have amazing brains and talent here in Canada.   Canada has some of the brightest minds (Canadian Brain-drain) & we know that business innovation requires diversity as it provides a new range of insights … Canada has a cultural mosaic & commitment to diversity & inclusion.  So, we should have the best innovations out there.

We have now published over 80 different episodes, each week focusing on another Canadian Innovator, Rainmaker, thought leader and more importantly, having a point of view! Time to start really walking the walk, when we talk about supporting Canadian businesses!

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback..

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